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October 11, 2013
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Warning: Contains vore, don't read if you don't like that kind of stuff !!!

Once, there was a little boy. His father died in a battle and his mother during his birth. The name of the boy was Veyt, he had been put into an orphanage directly after we was born. The children in this orphanage were treated like dirt. They were sent out early in the morning to beg for some money in the dirty streets of the dirty town, but even if they got some money, the operator of the orphanage would take it anyway. No one took care of them. They got just enough to survive. Not more. Most of them died after some years, some caused by a disease, some died while working in the mine (every orphan had to work there) and some others were given to the dragon as a sacrifice. That was another big problem. The dragon lived somewhere in the forest, no one knew exactly where he lived but the dragon terrorized the whole town. Every year at midsummer he urged one of the children to be his sacrifice or otherwise he would attack the town. It was always the same procedure. The child was never one from a rich family, it had always been an orphan and that was even worse: The fear from being the next. The year before, Veyt's best friend was chosen to be sacrificed to the dragon. That was the last time Veyt had seen his friend and the first time he saw the dragon. He was just huge and black with bright green eyes and big wings. The beast grinned as the leaders of the orphanage and some guards pulled Veyt's struggling and crying friend towards the dragon. Veyt had to watch in fear as the dragon swallowed his best friend in front of everyone who was present. Everyone was silent, only Veyt screamed in terror and cried as he saw the dragon eating his best friend. The dragon recognized it and looked at the boy, but he didn't even look evil or angry. Veyt could see sympathy in his eyes, not with his sacrifice, but with him. A few seconds after this short, strange moment, the dragon unfolded his wings and took back off. The massive body disappeared in the clouds.

"Wake up, wake up, wake up you little bastards", the orphanage leader screamed. It was still dark outside, but Veyt didn't really care. He was already used to the screams and orders of the leaders. But at this morning, something was different. Veyt didn't know what it was, but he had a really bad feeling. As everybody was awake, the man continued:" You know what day we have right. No? We got midsummer and you know what that of you is going to be dragon food again" The silence was horrible. You could see the fear in everyone's face, but nobody said anything. Veyt saw one of his friends next to him, he was shivering and tears dropped from his face. Veyt put his hand on the boy's shoulder. "Hey, don't worry...they need you here to work for them...why should they feed someone that strong to a dragon" The boy, Veyt spoke to smiled at him. He was in his age but was a lot bigger and stronger than Veyt. "Thank you", he answered and hugged him. Unfortunately, the leader saw this. "Veyt, normally I would hit you in the face for talking without permission, but now I have a better idea...why shouldn't we feed YOU to the dragon" The poor boy was shocked, he looked around, but nobody was looking at him. It was like he didn’t even exist.

Everyone was just staring at the ground. Even Veyt's friend did nothing to protect him. Of course not, nobody wanted to die. Before he could react, two guards came through the door and grabbed the arms of the poor boy so he couldn't fight back anymore. At first, Veyt tried to struggle but the two men held him in place and dragged him to the prison, where he should wait until sunset. That was the time when the black dragon would come to demand his new prey. The boy went to one of the corners of the small room. The walls were hard and cold. He sat down, leaned his head against the wall and started crying. He thought about his life and how it would end up in a few hours. In his whole life, nobody really cared about him. Probably, he thought, the world would be a better one without him. He had no family, no one would miss him. Maybe one of the friendly guys in the orphanage would remember him, but if they didn't get adopted, they would be fed to the dragon too. Not many children were adopted in this year. The Probability was high that one of his friends could be next.

Veyt had been glared, when the door opened and one of the guards stepped in. "It's time now", the guard said. Veyt stood up and slowly walked outside. The guard chained his hands and guided him outside. In front of the prison, Veyt had to follow the guards to a horse, so they could bring him out of town. On the way, everyone was just starring at Veyt. They didn't say anything, they just stared. Everyone knew what was going to happen. Veyt just looked at the ground, nobody should see that he was crying. One of the guards lifted him on a horse and rode forth. Three other guards followed them and the small troop slowly disappeared in the forest.

The sounds of the forest were just relaxing. The sound of the birds, the wind, everything was fine. Veyt tried to distract himself. It was better to think of something he liked instead of what would happen to him. He looked up to the sky. The sun shined and Veyt could see no single cloud. It was a beautiful day, too beautiful to die. The ride suddenly stopped on a small glade. The two guards descended from their horses and lifted the boy off. Then they waited. Veyt looked up to the sky, no dragon. After some hours, the dragon still didn't arrive and the guards were getting nervous. The sun was already setting, when Veyt heard a strange noise. Within one second, everyone was alerted. The guard watched the sky, one could easily recognize that they were afraid. They were 3 men against one dragon. If the dragon had decided to eat all of them, they wouldn't even have a chance to fight back. Veyt was still fettered, he couldn't run, he couldn't move, he could just sit there and wait. The noises were followed by a big shadow that wrapped the whole glade into darkness. Veyt could hear the guards mumbling little worships, but that just made the situation even worse. All of a sudden, the whole ground began to shake, but the vibration stopped after a second. Veyt could only recognize a big, black shadow towering in front of the small group. The creature moved and stepped into the fading sunlight. The dragon was huge and had black scales and big prongs on his back. His sharp teeth glared and his maw was big enough, so Veyt could fit in there with his whole body. The guards terrified and stepped back. After one minute, one of them began to speak:"This is the child we will give to you...take that sacrifice and spare our town from your punishment for another year" the dragon grinned and looked at the boy. Veyt could do nothing but look into the big, green eyes of the dragon, they were like mesmerizing. "Gooood", the dragon answered. "But tell me human...why do you always bring me little children...they are young, they are innocent…even to me that’s kind of…cruel" There was no sympathy in the dragon's voice, it didn't seem to care the dragon if his prey was a child or an adult, but somehow, it caused the guard to look down in shame and he didn't answer. "Being an orphan doesn't mean to be less important than other humans" Veyt was confused, where the dragon got the information about where the children came from and they were orphans. Then, the dragon turned to the boy and looked at him. He seemed to scan him. "What's your name?" the dragon asked, but wait was still to afraid to speak a single word. One of the guards punched him in his stomach. "ANSWER" The dragon snarled at the guard:"No one is going to hurt MY human" The guards stepped backwards, so there was now nothing but air between the boy and the dragon. This sentence amazed Veyt even more. Why did he dragon care about his health if he was going to eat the boy anyway. Although he was afraid, he closed his eyes and waited. The dragon recognized and talked to the human again. His words were not really nice, but his voice was calm and somehow relaxing. "Human, look into my eyes...I want to see your face when I'm doing it" Veyt was near crying, but he decided to do what the dragon wanted. He had no chance anyway, he was fettered and even if he could free himself, there was no way he could escape a hungry dragon. Veyt looked up and into the dragon’s eyes like he was told, tears running down his face. " it fast...please don't make me suffer" The dragon's eyes widened. Then, the boy saw something he had never expected. A single tear dropped from the dragon's eyes onto the ground. The dragon looked at the tear, he seemed to be amazed about this too. The words of a poor orphan made a dragon cry. Veyt was surprised. For one moment, he thought that the dragon would maybe let him go, but he guessed wrong. From one moment to another, the dragon's maw opened and revealed his sharp teeth and the pink tongue. The poor boy didn't have time to think about his situation, when he suddenly found himself inside the dragon’s maw. For some reason, Veyt wanted the dragon to bite off his head or rip him into pieces. It would be a fast death, where he would only feel pain for one or two seconds. But the dragon didn't do anything like that, he just licked him. The squishy tongue pressed him against the upper side of his maw. He didn't even make Veyt touch one single tooth. Veyt's hopes all vanished when the throat suddenly opened up. The poor boy was terrified. The dragon wasn't just eating him, he swallowed him whole and alive. It was a horrible idea, being swallowed alive and die slowly. He couldn't even struggle. The tongue of the dragon slowly shifted backwards and made the poor boy slip directly into the dragon's waiting throat. The boy screamed as the muscles of the gullet pushed him further inside. The dragon just needed to swallow twice to force Veyt into his gullet. The guards had to watch in terror, as the big bulge slowly moved down the dragon's gullet until it finally disappeared in his chest. The dragon turned to the group of terrified guards when he felt the boy entering his belly. "Go now", he told them and the troop ran back into the forest like something was chasing them. The dragon waited until they were gone, than he unfolded his wings and pushed himself from the ground and flew towards the sky.

Veyt had to curl up as he was forced into the stomach. He didn't have much space but somehow, he could breath. He had no idea where the air came from, but even though it was hot and humid, he could still breathe. Also he wasn't hurt at all, what was really strange. Veyt hadn’t seen any kind of animal who swallowed their prey whole and alive. So why was he still alive? He leaned against the soft flesh and waited, but nothing happened. The liquids in the stomach didn't even burn his skin. There was no sign of digestion. He touched the walls and stroked his hand over the soft material. It was warm and soft, it was comfortable. That didn't make any sense.

The dragon felt the slight movements in his stomach. He felt bad for the boy. The poor thing wanted him to kill him. The human probably still thought that he was going to die. And that fact made the dragon feel really guilty. He knew exactly, where the humans came from. They were all orphans without future. Forced to steal or beg for some money. They had no family, they had no one expect themselves. Nobody cared for them, they wouldn't even care if one of them died. He also knew that the operators were cruel and unfair. The dragon had to tell him the truth. "Hey little one, are you ok in there" The human stopped the movements and listened. "Yes...why didn't you kill me so far" The dragon sighed. "I won’t digest you...I have never digested one of the other children who were given to me as sacrifice...the only reason for what I'm doing is, that I want to free you from living a worthless live in this dirty town...I just wanted to help you"

Veyt was speechless. All the children he saw disappearing from the orphanage. He cried for them, but they were all fine and alive? It was unbelievable. A friendly dragon that ate children to save them from the cruelty of the orphanage, it didn't sound really trustworthy, but why should the dragon lie. At least, Veyt was still unharmed and alive and if the dragon really wanted to kill him, he probably wouldn't speak to him right now. Veyt had no other chance. "Okay...I trust you...and if you speak the truth, I owe my life to you...Thank you" The dragon sighed in relief. He knew that it wasn't easy to trust a dragon that just ate you. "Thanks little human, I swear you will just stay safe and sound in the way, what's your name?" the dragon asked. "My name is Veyt...what's yours?"
"Mine is Kajeer...I think we should talk tomorrow, it's already getting dark and it had been a hard day for you...sleep now" As on command, the boy yawned. The whole situation had worn him out pretty much. He just wanted to sleep. The boy leaned his head against the soft walls of the stomach and listened to the dragon's relaxing heart beats. It just took a few minutes until he drifted off to sleep.
Puh, I finally finished another story (haven't written something for a while)
Hope you like it and please forgive me any grammar faults...I'm still working on my english

Also another information: Everyone who likes my stories can request me for stories...means: You give me ideas, story line and characters and I will write it for you (For free of course) :)

Here's the second part: acidentertainment.deviantart.c…
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